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Dr. Murray Knebel

Meet Dr. Murray Knebel

Dr. Murray believes that wellness starts with your teeth (and your mouth), but doesn’t stop there. An appointment with him is an educational, unique, and inspirational experience. His holistic approach to healing and wellness stems from his passion to impact long term health goals, not just the breakdown at hand (ie. the cavity, sore jaw, sensitive teeth, crooked teeth, inflamed gums, offset bite etc). He likes to call this proactive healing vs. reactive fixing. To him, dental hygiene is like a workout for your mouth. You have to maintain it as part of an overall health plan to realize the possibilities.

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What We Offer

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ADA Fee Guide Compliant

We follow the ADA fee guide so our patients know they are paying exactly what they are supposed to be.

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Direct Billing to Insurance

We want to make you visit as easy as possible so we direct bill to insurance.

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Invisalign treatment offers straighter teeth without all the brackets, metal and wires.

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Snore Appliances

If your snoring is keeping your loved ones awake consider getting a snore appliance.

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Family Dentistry

We are happy to provide dental care to your entire family.

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Take Home Whitening

Whiter teeth from the comfort of your own home is possible with our take home whitening kits.

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TREC Values

Mahogany Village Dental is a part of TREC Dental. TREC’s values are right in the name. Teamwork Respect, Exceptional Dentistry and Continuous Improvement. You can see our values at work and outside of work. If you’d like to learn more check out our social media account. We are a group of dentists who believe in socially conscious dentistry. We volunteer both locally and internationally.

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